Where Should I Read Next?

Where Should I Read Next?

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Lover of books? Lover of travel? Interested in uniting those loves by reading books from around the world? Stuck with a bookcase of stories from the UK and North America and no leads into world literature? I get it. In 2013, I left my job to backpack around the world. Before I went, I tried to transition my bookcase full ...
Kensington Gardens

Four London suburbs popular with authors

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London has long been a metropolitan hub, with immigrants making their way to the city dubbed “The Centre of the World” for hundreds of years. With such an expansive history, it is no wonder that so many of the English-speaking world’s literary greats have lived in the city, and been inspired by their experiences there. Among the sixteen authors whose ...
Primrose Hill, London

Book lovers, don’t waste your time in London

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When I arrived in London in May 2014, I was intending to stay for a while. Years, maybe. I figured I had time to ease myself into the city, and to slowly explore the tiny threads that make up the fabric of its history. I already knew that so many of my favourite literary figures had lived, visited, performed or ...