As much as I would love to read every book and visit every place, there are just too many for one person and one lifetime. That’s where you come in. I’m always looking for more great content to include on the site, and contributions can come in three forms: short destination entries in the Book Lover’s Guide to the Galaxy, blog posts, and personal narratives to be included in the Beyond the Lamp Post newsletter.


The Book Lover's Guide to the Galaxy

Anyone can contribute to the Book Lover’s Guide to the Galaxy. If, for example, you know the pub where James Joyce drank his first Guinness, or the house where Pippi Longstocking lived, you can register as a Beyond the Lamp Post contributor and, subject to editorial approval, your entry will be added to the guide.  Click here to read the writers guidelines for Contributors.

Blog Posts

In contrast to the brief entries in the Book Lover’s Guide, blog posts on Beyond the Lamp Post are long form pieces that explore a place, a book or an idea in more depth. This might include destination guides, based on a single book or author, a round up of significant events or festivals, or a discussion of the ways that a particular place or event influenced an author’s work. Ideas for posts should be discussed and agreed upon prior to submission. Please see the Authors’ guidelines for additional information about contributing blog posts to Beyond the Lamp Post.


The Pickwick Project

Charles Dickens’ first novel, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (aka The Pickwick Papers), was released in monthly installments, each detailing the adventures of a member of the club. Similarly, The Pickwick Project, Beyond the Lamp Post’s newsletter, includes the stories of readers who have ventured out in search of literary adventure. If you have a story of your own literary travels that’s meaningful, surprising, funny, or just needs to be told, send a brief summary to contribute[at] for consideration.

Social Media

If you’re less a writer and more a social media butterfly, there are still lots of ways you can be involved with Beyond the Lamp Post. Book lovers aiming to broaden their literary horizons (or those who are fans of world literature already) should come join the Beyond the Lamp Post World Book Club, where we read and talk about a book from a different continent each month. Pinning fanatics can join our Literary Travel group board to share their own, and others’, experiences and inspiration for book-themed adventures.