Destination Submission

Please give your destination a title in the format of {Place name, City (if relevant), Country}.
Please upload an image of the destination. The file size should be no larger than 250kB and the image dimensions should be no more than 800 x 600px. To be used on the site, all images must be correctly licenced and attributed. Please provide the relevant information in the details field below.
Please write c300-500 words about the history/story of this place and how it relates to literature.
Please provide the title of the book to which your destination refers (if relevant).
Please provide the name of the author(s) to whom your destination refers (if relevant).

Please provide the website for the destination (if relevant).
Please provide the physical street address of this destination.
Please provide the phone number for this definition (if relevant). Please include the country and area codes.
Please provide the business hours for this destination (if relevant).