Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Green Gables Heritage Place, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Physical address: 8619 Route 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Phone number: +1 902 963-7874

Business hours: May 1 – October 31: 9am – 5pm daily; April 15 – 30 & November 1 – 30: by appointment

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Visit Green Gables. Prince Edward Island, Canada.

GREEN Gables Heritage Place, in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, is the heart of a tourist industry related exclusively to local author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her novels – most notably, Anne of Green Gables (and the seven books that followed). Located within the farmhouse that inspired Anne’s Avonlea home, the Green Gables Heritage Place has been furnished with period settings and items reminiscent of the books, such as a black shawl for Marilla, and a brown dress with puffed sleeves for Anne. Extensive renovation work has restored not just the house, but also the surrounding farm buildings, to their late-19th Century glory.

Originally built in 1831, the Green Gables farm belonged to cousins of L.M. Montgomery’s grandfather, David and Margaret Macneill. Like Marilla and Matthew in the books, they were brother and sister and did not have children of their own. Ownership of the house passed to their niece, who sold it to the government in 1936 when it became part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. The park itself had been established soon after Anne of Green Gables was first published in 1908, as it was an instant success and soon began drawing visitors to the island who wanted to see where Anne lived.

Although L.M. Montgomery did not grow up living at Green Gables, the farmhouse would have been familiar to her as she spent her childhood outdoors, exploring the island and uncovering its paths, woods and waterways. Visitors to the farmhouse can make these discoveries for themselves as well, with the Haunted Wood, Lover’s Lane and even the Lake of Shining Waters close by.

Green Gables and the walk through Lover’s Lane …. 🍂 🍃 🍁#greengables #pei #fall #autumn

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Green Gables is only open to the public during the summer months (May – October), with limited appointments available during the off season (April and November). During the summer, particularly July and August, the island features a variety of Anne-themed festivities, including performances of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical, and the opportunity to dress up as Anne – complete with a straw hat and red-haired plaits.


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      1. You should totally go! I loved my visit to Green Gables. Yes, it’s touristy, but standing there in front of that house…I felt like I’d stepped right into one of my favorite books! I highly recommend spending some time outside the touristy area of Cavendish as well. We drove around and stopped at several independently owned craft shops and restaurants and everyone we met definitely qualified as “Kindred Spirits”.

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  1. Oh, how I remember reading Anne of Green Gables (I guess we all do). This post has prompted me to add Prince Edward Island to the list of places in Canada to visit when next there. I love Canada, and this is a great excuse.


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      It’s funny how some books just become classics that absolutely everyone has read and loved, and then there are other amazing books that don’t get the same celebrity.

      I hope you get to PEI soon 🙂

  2. We’ve just moved to Canada & I’ve just discovered your blog…now I’m doubly inspired! I loved the Anne of Green Gables books as a girl, and as an adult I love that both my own mother and grandmother read & loved them as well. Unfortunately, my two boys show zero interest in me sharing some of my childhood “heroine” books with them, other than Pippi Longstocking!

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      Hi Meredith! What a lovely tradition to have been passed down to you through your family. Pity about those boys, but Pippi Longstocking is better than nothing, I guess 🙂 I recently played 20 Questions with two of my (male) friends, and neither of them had ever heard of Anne of Green Gables. I was appalled!

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