Where Should I Read Next?

Where Should I Read Next?

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Where Should I Read Next? Five Day Email Series

Lover of books? Lover of travel? Interested in uniting those loves by reading books from around the world? Stuck with a bookcase of stories from the UK and North America and no leads into world literature?

I get it. In 2013, I left my job to backpack around the world. Before I went, I tried to transition my bookcase full of English classics to start reading literature from the places I would be visiting. I wanted to try to get an understanding of the new cultures I would be experiencing, through the stories they choose to tell.

My approach to finding books was haphazard, and the results were mixed. Some books became instant favourites, but others felt so confusing and foreign that I couldn’t relate to them at all.

It would have been great if I could have just told someone the sort of books I like to read and had them give me recommendations.

Are you in the same boat?

Interested in broadening your reading habits but not sure where to start? Want to learn more about the world either from the comfort of home or in preparation for travel? Just love books and want some new suggestions?

Join Where Should I Read Next? here.

It’s a five-day email series to help you choose your next read. On each of the first four days, you’ll get an email asking you a quick question about some element of your reading or travel interests, and then on Day 5 you’ll receive one last email containing three suggestions for books you might enjoy, based on your answers.

Take the guess work out of your reading selections, and expand your literary horizons.

Just sign up here, and the first email will arrive in your inbox tomorrow.

Where Should I Read Next?


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Jo’s love of travel has taken her to far flung countries across the globe, and her love of books has seen her exploring even more distant times and places. Beyond the Lamp Post brings together these two passions, helping readers and travellers to explore the lives of their favourite authors and characters, through the places that inspired them.

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